Farm Fresh T-Shirts

In the year that I’ve worked for Farm Fresh Clothing Co. I’ve had the pleasure of designing and executing a lot of hand-drawn t-shirt art (and some chalkboards). Here are a few examples. Clients include Russian River Vineyards, Straus, White Industries, Lagunitas Brewing Co., Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Russian River Brewing Co., Anchor Brewing Co., Dogfish Head Brewing Co., Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Maker Faire, the Peace Corps, Taylor Maid, Whole Foods, Tommy’s Joint, Amy’s, Bi-Rite Creamery, REI, and many more.

rrv-logo-mock_0000_1000 RRV-ches-mock2_0001_WALN stra-anniversary-mock_0000_1000-front biol-mock_0003_PINE chana-mocks_0004_EGGS Mens2 whit-mocks2_0001_GUNP2 lagu-daytime-mock_0000_Mens APPL lagu-eyeball-mock_0000_FDNY Mens lagu-gnar-mocks_0000_Mens lava-mocks2_0009_PINE2 kill-logo-mock_0002_GUNP-1001 sier-hops-mock_0001_GUNP Front 2 sier-logo-mock_0001_Mens Front2 mga-mocks_0003_GUNP Mens LMR-truck-mock_0000_PINE Frontbern-logo-mock_0004_Mens GUNP Front



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