Tommy Bahama, 2014

Here are some designs done for Tommy Bahama’s 2014 fashion t-shirt line. All art and lettering is hand drawn. Not all tees were printed as shown here, but I wanted to share my favorite designs at the stages I would have left them. All designs done for Farm Fresh Clothing Co.

TB14-New-comp_01_PINE SpeedwayTB14-New-Comp_02_E PluribusTB14-New-comp_03_OLIV Left CoastTB14-New-Comp_04_Left CoastTB14-New-Comp_05_GUNP Born FreeTB14-New-Comp_06_SunTB14-New-Comp_07_SterlingTB14-New-Comp_08_Grand RoyalsTB14-New-comp_09_PBLU SeaTB14-New-Comp_10_EGGS Surf AnatomyTB14-New-Comp_11_TXTB14-New-Comp_12_CATB14-New-Comp_13_GUNP LVTB14-New-Comp_14_FLORIDA-EGGS



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