REI T-Shirts

REI was looking for a new staff t-shirt design celebrating employee and volunteer stewardshipThey wanted a classic camp scene by the lake — tent pitched by a fire, mountains in the background, surrounded by trees. I hand drew each element in pieces and composed in Photoshop. As a second design for the store they requested very simplified tone-on-tone designs with hand-drawn type, and ended up going with some of the mountain ranges. I’m excited to say they printed 28,000 Steward tees, and 12,000 of the Dream. Explore. Discover tees. As an avid outdoorsy person and a huge fan of the brand, I’m over the moon. All designs were done for Farm Fresh Clothing Co. — be sure to check ’em out! REI-stew-mock5_0001_Mens

REI-stew-comp5_0000_FrontREI-stew-comp5_0001_BackIMG_9853REI-Dreamrei-dream-adult-mock_0001_Mens FDNY



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